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"Isolation" - the latest song from my online project

Ooh, when will we learn?

’cause we’re caught in the headlight

A song three years in the making - from an original idea formed during the initial pains of Corona lockdown to fully-fledged home studio production. The music is melancholic but uplifting; the lyrics symbolic yet direct. "When will we learn?" - the chorus's rhetorical question calling to be answered - is a no-holds-barred challenge to look at the totality of what the worldwide pandemic wrought and do better, be better.

More about 'The Love & Loss Project'

I had thought I might spend those months in isolation recording the songs for 'Serenades & Odes to a Cracked World (Part 2)' - the eagerly anticipated follow-up to my 2017 crowdfunded concept album - but inspiration had other ideas! What followed were a series of highly personal songs ranging from the joys and challenges of parenthood, reflections on isolation, to the childhood experiences of being different and how I've embraced those differences as an adult. These songs, and others like them, form the basis of a new kind of concept album. Although, I must say, it's not exactly an album, nor an EP, rather a collection of songs that will grow over time until the project finds its own natural conclusion. That's exciting for me as an artist because there’s a certain amount of unpredictability about it all. Instead of me deciding how this will go, I’m letting the songs dictate when and in what way this project will end. It could be months, or even years. It’s an evolving process.

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